The Facility

Filmmaker Jeremy Flood captures a protest at an ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado. The short film, though about a particular location, is a glimpse into the emotional horror surrounding the issue of immigration rights in America.

On why Jeremy made the film:

"I've felt a sort of growing compulsion to act on the rising cruelty and insanity that's consumed our entire political milieu, without much of an understanding about what that direct action looks like. I know I'm not much of an organizer, but I do know how to film, and so I try to do whatever I can whenever possible. I hope by capturing some of the emotion of this horror, it instigates the same compulsion in other people.

It's not enough to sit around and wait for a savior in the next election. We need to think deeply and seriously about what we wish we would have done sooner should our worst instincts come to pass. What would we wish we'd done sooner if the missing children are gone? If we find mass graves at the border? If legal immigrants are next? If history is any guide, people rarely ask themselves these questions until the unthinkable comes to pass. I hope this video exists as a record that, at least at this point in history, there were people who acted."

- Jeremy Flood


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