The Invisibles: London's Homeless

The Invisibles: London's Homeless

Photographer Jermaine Francis’s project about people experiencing homelessness in London will now become an exhibition

These are a selection of Jermaine’s images from the 12-page project that was first published in i-D magazine’s ‘Post-Truth Truth Issue’. “In regards to the project, even though the images have only recently been published, there has been a strong positive reaction,” Jermaine emails us. “It has been interesting that one of the noticeable comments is how people’s perception has changed. The continuing observation is that the sheer condensed volume of tents within the story has made people really notice the problem.”

“Whereas people noticed one or two tents, now they see how big a problem it is. Also they are now looking and seeing, instead of passively walking by, which was the aim of the project… They realise these are homes for people who are trying to survive. I hope it helps in some way to change attitudes, even though it’s policy change and legislation that will make the real difference. The project has now developed into an exhibition which will happen in in the next few months.”


You can support Shelter, the charity campaigning to end homelessness in England and Scotland

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