Resistance! From Road Protests to Occupy

The Resistance! exhibition is taking over the basement gallery at The Subculture Archives Carnaby Street for one week, displaying photos, video and ephemera from 25 years of UK grassroots protest movements.


It's on until this Thursday if you're in the area, and shows images and more from movements including Reclaim the Streets, disability direct action, Black Lives Matter, Women's rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. It spans a timeline from the 90s, including the Newbury bypass road protest of 1996 that inspired a new generation of eco-warriors, to ones as recent as last year, such as United Voices of the World, who have been taking action for the most precarious workers in London.


The Resistance! exhibition appears after a tour of the summer festivals. Artists and photographers featured include Matthew Smith, Adrian Arbib, Jenny Matthews, David Hoffman, Thabo Jaiyesimi, Jess Hurd, Guy Smallman, Gordon Peden, Kristian Buus and Lily Poveda, as well as content provided by activists and campaigns themselves.


Check out the Subculture Archives in Carnaby Street, London

There are many guides online to taking part in direct action, here is one 

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