Good Trouble Issue 23

Good Trouble Issue 23

WAS IST DAS? An epic 12-page broadsheet of art, protest, creativity and resistance.

Since November 2016, Good Trouble has been publishing weekly stories online from the intersection of arts and culture with politics and activism – this is its first limited-edition print publication… created by former dazed & Confused editor roderick stanley and designed by graphic virtuoso Richard Turley.

The cover was shot exclusively for Good Trouble by American artist and photographer MATT LAMBERT, and features dancer and model MJ HARPER naked, save for a football scarf emblazoned with the slogan ‘Wake Up For Freedom’.

Lead interview is with PETER KENNARD, the most important political artist of his generation, who has been creating stark and incendiary photo-collage work for 50 years – from his early work supporting the campaign for nuclear disarmament, though the infamous image of Tony Blair taking a selfie in front of a burning Iraqi oil well, and on to the present day with no sign of slowing.

The exclusive ‘Art of Resistance’ dossier features resistance-themed artworks submitted by artists including JAMIE REID, LARA OGEL, MARK TITCHNER, KOAK, GARETH PUGH, LAWRENCE LEK, J.R., CATHERINE OPIE, SAMUEL LEVACK & JENNIFER LEWANDOSKI, AA BRONSON, and more.

Features black and white ink that rubs off on your fingers like it’s 1983, plus full-colour centre spread and a lairy spot orange ink throughout. And it’s huge! Full broadsheet, page size 23” by 16.5”. Printed on heavyweight paper and limited to a hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies, GT23 is so collectable that you will almost certainly be handing this on to your grandchildren, when they look up at you wide-eyed and full of wonder, saying ‘Where were you in 2017?’

Good Trouble Issue 23 spreads

Good Trouble Issue 23 spreads

Also featured are artists ADAM BROOMBERG, LARA SCHNITGER and the KLF’s JIMMY CAUTY, Tunisian singer EMEL, curator JARRETT GREGORY, photographer MATTHEW SMITH’s extensive archive of 90s rave and protest imagery, NON WORLDWIDE kingpin CHINO AMOBI, gang member-turned-actor RICHARD CABRAL, and what is probably the publishing industry’s first instance of a cut-out-and-keep Russian cyberweapon.

$5 plus postage & packaging. Good Trouble has covered all the printing costs so every single cent of that five bucks will go to War Child, a London-based NGO that works with children affected by war in six countries, including Syria, where 8.4 million children have been affected by the six-year civil war – the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II.


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Top image: JR, ‘Eric Garner’s Eyes’, Million March NYC, 2014.


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